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Welcome to ShireWeb – Sutherland Shire’s Independent Community Portal

With the Sutherland Shire Council’s four-yearly election just weeks away, we’re taking on our local would-be pollies and asking them to give us a reason to vote for them!

Being a Sutherland Shire Councillor

The 2010/11 Annual Report shows the Mayor is paid $54,000 a year, while the other 14 Councillors receive around $300,000 between them (around $20,000 each).

For that, they attend a Council meeting each month, they are on a few other Council committees (eg traffic, bushfire, environment etc) and they take many hundreds of calls each year from residents concerned about anything from development applications, to rubbish bins, to barking dogs.

In 2012, 85 people registered their intention to stand for election for fifteen positions.

These are the people who are asking to be entrusted with $1.1 billion dollars of community assets.

You can see their Candidate Information Sheets HERE

Unfortunately, many of these sheets have little to no information beyond a name and address.

What’s the point of an election when we have little or no information about the candidates?

Who are they? What do they believe? What knowledge, skills and abilities do they bring to the office?

It’s time to find out about them. We’ll ask them – why they do they want the job ? And, more importantly – what can they offer us, the residents, ratepayers, businesses and community members who they will be responsible to for the next four years.

Make no mistake – these people may be aiming for local government, and part of that role involves governance; but we are their constituents and their audience, and their job is to do their best for all of us, not just some of us.

About ShireWeb

I’m Brendan FitzPatrick, Editor of ShireWeb – a local business owner, dad, political observer and community enthusiast and volunteer. I grew up in Caringbah, went to school in Caringbah and Cronulla and I’m now paying off a house in Kirrawee.

I can be contacted at: editor@shireweb.com.au

The motivation for putting this site together was my frustration at the lack of information available anywhere else, about the people who are running for Council.

This website is purely about citizen journalism in action – I have no alliance or affiliation with any political party.

This website is not about trying to convince people who they should vote for – it is about empowering the constituency of the Sutherland Shire with accurate information about the candidates that will then guide their decisions.

My attitude to politicians is: You’re here to serve our community – if you want the job, convince us that you’ll do it well!

Democracy by ignorance delivers us government by apathy.

It’s said that people get the government that they deserve.

We deserve better!