Carmelo Pesce

August 8, 2012 in Featured, Liberal Party of Australia, Ward D

This candidate’s original nomination form can be viewed by clicking the following link: : Carmelo Pesce

Name : Carmelo Pesce

Ward : D

Group : B

Suburb / other : Sylvania

Member of Party : Liberal

Year of birth : -

Qualifications : Builder

Employment : Additional Building Services (Director)

Current or past Council? : -

Organisation membership : Sharks Leagues Club, RMYC

Other information : -

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Carmelo Pesce has responded to the Open Letter To Candidates and has provided this information:


Carmelo Pesce is a lifelong Shire resident who enjoys the great lifestyle offered by our beaches, rivers and parks.

Carmelo is a successful business operator who has worked hard to expand his company, which now has national and international contracts.

Carmelo understands that Council needs to deliver sound financial management and live within its means.

Carmelo and his family are actively involved in local football and in supporting the Cronulla Sharks, who Carmelo sponsors.

Carmelo wants to see our sporting and community facilities maintained to a high standard so our children get the opportunity to use our sporting fields more often.