Cassandra Lawry

August 8, 2012 in Liberal Party of Australia, Ward C

This candidate’s original nomination form can be viewed by clicking the following link: Cassandra Lawry

Name : Cassandra Lawry

Ward : C

Group : E

Suburb / other : Sylvania

Member of Party : Liberal

Year of birth : -

Qualifications : -

Employment : -

Current or past Council? : -

Organisation membership : -

Other information : -

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Cassandra Lawry has responded to the Open Letter To Candidates and has provided this information:


Cassandra Lawry lives locally and grew up working in local small business whilst studying at university.

Cassandra is involved in numerous local events and fairs where she takes the time to engage with residents and understand the needs of her community.

Cassandra has local, federal and international political experience and will use her diverse experience to serve our community.