Diedree Steinwall

August 8, 2012 in Australian Labor Party, Featured, Ward D

This candidate’s original nomination form can be viewed by clicking the following link: : Diedree Steinwall

Name : Diedree Steinwall

Ward : D

Group : C

Suburb / other : Heathcote

Member of Party : Labor

Year of birth : 1958

Qualifications : BA (Uni Sydney), Dip Ed

Employment : High school teacher, HSC marker & assessor

Current or past Council? : -

Organisation membership : Independent Education Union

Other information : I am an Engadine teacher and a long-standing resident of Heathcote, having chosen to live here with my family 30 years ago. I have been active in a range of sporting and chanritable groups and take an active interest in our local community. I am passionate about protecting the unique beauty of our area and will work hard to maintain a high standard of community facilities, including parks, footpaths and roads. I will ensure this Ward receives its fair allocation of resources.

This candidate can be contacted at: dsteinwall@hotmail.com