Hassan Awada

August 8, 2012 in Featured, Liberal Party of Australia, Ward C

This candidate’s original nomination form can be viewed by clicking the following link: : Hassan Awada

Name : Hassan Awada

Ward : C

Group : E

Suburb / other : Bexley

Member of Party : Liberal

Year of birth : 1961

Qualifications : -

Employment : -

Current or past Council? : -

Organisation membership : -

Other information : -

This candidate can be contacted at: shireliberals@gmail.com

Hassan Awada has responded to the Open Letter To Candidates and has provided this information:


As a local business owner, Hassan Awada has worked tirelessly to contribute to the Shire and understands the issues facing ratepayers and small business.

Hassan understands that Council needs to keep our rates low and provide an environment that will allow business to flourish,

creating opportunities for our young people to live and work close to home.

Hassan is married with 4 children and understands that local families want Council to provide core services and well maintained parks and open spaces.

Hassan has been decorated with a bravery award and has demonstrated his willingness to selflessly serve the Shire community he loves.