Meredith Laverty

August 8, 2012 in Independent, Ward B

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Name : Meredith Laverty

Ward : B

Group : F

Suburb / other : Gymea

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My biography:

Meredith Laverty – B Ward – Putting the Shire First

My husband and I, together with our two children, make our home in Gymea. We love the way of life this area has on offer.

I am a proud and active member of my local community – volunteering in many local organizations. In the past I have played netball and soccer in local clubs.

I have long held an interest in the decision making process in our local area and lately I have become very disappointed with the grubby, shallow game playing by long term Councillors on Sutherland Shire Council.

I operate my own business, which is a consultancy service.

If I am elected, I don’t expect to solve everything but I hope to bring a new perspective to debates and issues. I hope to push for Council to give communities a say on issues through genuine consultation which goes across a range of mediums.

I am happy to hear from residents and ratepayers on all and any issues – and twitter – @shire1st

I have also just today issued a media release on the Gymea Shopping Centre – it is below.

Please contact me if I can be of assistance.


Meredith Laverty


Media Release

23 August 2012

Sticky Tape Safety & Delays Not Good Enough for Gymea

Independent and Putting the Shire First Candidate for B Ward, Meredith Laverty, has today called on Sutherland Shire Council to expedite works in the Gymea Shopping Centre and ensure proper safety for pedestrians in the shopping centre.

“It is simply not acceptable for Sutherland Shire Council and their contractors to hide behind the excuse of ‘Ausgrid has caused delays’.

This project has been poorly managed both by Council and Ausgrid – the safety for pedestrians has been appalling from the start with carpet covering rocky, bumpy paths, holes left uncovered and witches hats dumped with hope of directing traffic around holes.  It simply remarkable no-one has been seriously injured.  One week there was back-hoe digging a two-metre deep hole out the front of Gloria Jeans without safety fencing around it!,” said Ms Laverty.

“Quite simply, I have been motivated by this appalling example of mismanagement to stand as an independent candidate to ask the questions of Council which our existing B-Ward Councillors, who are representatives of political parties, seem too afraid to ask.

“Residents, patrons and business owners have been subjected to shoddy project management.  The corner of Warburton Street and Gymea Bay Road has only a handful of pavers to be laid and has been secured with site sticky tape, unfinished for the past 6 weeks – why can’t this  be finished?

“The communications to residents and business owners has been almost non-existent, with shop-keepers being kept in the dark on key project milestones for months.  The Council is running the project and yet try to shift the blame from themselves. This would not be acceptable in any professional business.