Stephen Nikolovski

August 8, 2012 in Liberal Party of Australia, Ward A

This candidate’s original nomination form can be viewed by clicking the following link: : Stephen Nikolovski

Name : Stephen Nikolovski

Ward : A

Group : B

Suburb / other : Padstow / rate paying lessee Taren Pt

Member of Party : Liberal

Year of birth : 1985

Qualifications : Chartered Accountant

Employment : -

Current or past Council? : No

Organisation membership : -

Nominated by Party : Liberal

Other information : -

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Stephen Nikolovski has responded to the Open Letter To Candidates and has provided this information:


Stephen Nikolovski has lived in the Shire for most of his life and is a skilled business advisory professional.

As a Chartered Accountant, Stephen understands the importance of delivering balanced budgets and will utilise his detailed financial experience to keep our rates low.

Stephen is keen to see improved traffic management, community health programs and sustainability at the forefront of councils plans for the future.