Tom Croucher

August 8, 2012 in Liberal Party of Australia, Ward C

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Name : Tom Croucher

Ward : C

Group : E

Suburb / other : Sylvania

Member of Party : Liberal

Year of birth : 1949

Qualifications : B Sc (UNSW)

Employment : Retired

Current or past Council? : -

Organisation membership : -

Other information : -

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Tom Croucher has responded to the Open Letter To Candidates and has provided this information:


Tom Croucher has lived in Sylvania for over 35 years, raising his children in the area with his wife Jenny.

Tom has worked as a high school teacher, as well as in IT with community organisations, local business and the government sector.

Tom has dedicated his life to sporting and community groups in the Shire – as a life member of the Junior Cricket Association, the Sylvania Heights Youth Club and as a parishioner at Sylvania Anglican Church.

Tom is also a member of Council’s Sport and Active Communities Committee and understands the need for quality sporting and leisure facilities for local families and sporting clubs.